September 28, 2023

3 thoughts on “Avi Glazer Is Manchester’s Public Enemy No 1, but He Treated Me Fairly

  1. I love this story and concur – Avi treated us more than fairly.

    Zap offered us $1M. I remember discussing it with my grandfather, who was impressed and advised me to go into a stock deal with eyes wide open (he’d been there; after retiring at 45 and then nearly going broke when the stock from his company’s acquirer tanked, he’d come up with his last big idea:

    “John and me thought we were Malcolm Forbes and Jim Michaels”. So true! Our lawyer said, “This isn’t as much money as you think. You should get a Corolla, not a Cadillac.” Good times.

    Until recently, you could still find Green Magazine’s “Money Shot” celebrity interviews on Thanks to the Wayback Machine, “Sixx Degrees of Separation” (with Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx) still exists:

    1. Great memories and thank you for sharing, John. And I enjoyed reading the About page for Naeir. Incredible volume of good being done there. Good ol’ Norbert and Laverne — rock-solid names for visionary philanthropists. Good on Gary for building on that foundation.

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