December 3, 2022

Wishes more 'low-browed foreigners and Black Panthers' were packing

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision this morning striking down a New York law limiting guns in public, the liberal media has lost its mind. Beyond the predictable scenarios for gunplay in the streets of our cities — as though that’s not already occurring on the reg — some commentators have taken their hand-wringing to disturbing new depths.

Keith Olbermann recommends a novel approach. A state that doesn’t like the ruling should simply disregard it. Doesn’t sound all that worried about chaos in the streets.

But today on the Brian Lehrer show on New York public radio station WNYC, progressive stalwart Joan Walsh went full racist in decrying the urgent need for enhanced gun restrictions. After her host read from a 1911 article from the New York Times that said restrictions were needed to prevent racial minorities from obtaining weapons, Walsh, the national affairs correspondent at the venerable leftist magazine The Nation, issued the following spit-your-coffee take:

“So I guess we need more low-browed foreigners and Black Panthers carrying guns and then maybe we’ll get some gun control.”

Yeah, we didn’t believe our ears either. Brian Lehrer laughs nervously before adding, “I guess so.”

Here’s the audio:

Responding to a later caller named “Scott,” and perhaps with a bit of tardy self-awareness, Walsh blurted out, “I don’t know how Scott knows where I live. But I don’t live in a bad neighborhood. I live in Harlem.”

Joan Walsh, columnist for The Nation, used choice language on WNYC public radio this morning. (Photo: Fuzheado/WikiCommons)

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